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Conception to completion

Here is a quick flow chart to show you how your menu is transformed from an idea, to a meal at your event.

Our sales team and event designers work together with you to find the most suitable menu for each event. Once this is confirmed the menu is given to our executive chef.

Our executive chef breaks the menu down into each specific ingredient and places orders with our suppliers. Who then source the freshest produce from around the country.

The food is delivered prior to your event, and is temperature checked by our chef before being placed into stock, to ensure it is of the highest and safest quality.

Depending on the start time of the function, our chefs will begin preparation either the day before, or on the morning of the event. This is supervised by our senior sous chef who runs the floor and delegates specific tasks to each chef. Preparation involves blanching vegetables, portioning and searing meat. (So that it can be cooked onsite at the function.)

Once the menu is prepared, it is placed in to our ‘out fridge’where the quality and quantity is double checked by our Senior Sous Chef to ensure it is of the Austin’s standard.

On the day of the event our chefs check the food off against the menu, which is then loaded into our HCCAP certified refrigerator trucks and driven to the venue.

Apart from desserts which are fully prepared in our patisserie kitchen, the food is cooked a la minute for guests at the function. This ensures that the food is of the best possible quality and freshness.

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