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Beginners guide to Event Planning

Your event designer here at Austin's is able to assist you in all areas of planning your event; however here are 11 helpful steps to get you started:

Research Venues

It is always a good idea to research a variety of venues in the area to get an idea of what options are available and the variance in prices.

Site Visits

Organise a visit to each site so you can get a feel for the venue. If possible, ask to come in at a time that another event is taking place or being set up as an empty room can look quite different to one that's assembled for an event. Be sure to confirm what the hireage price includes i.e. tables, chairs, dance floor and any AV requirements you may require.

Confirm Venue

Choose a venue that feels right for your function (and budget). Once you have decided, you will need to make a booking. Most venues will require a deposit and will provide a contract. If you are unsure of any of the details don't hesitate to get in touch with your venue coordinator to clarify.


Food is a hugely important component to every event. Some venues may have an exclusive caterer. Other venues will have a list of preferred companies you can choose from and some facilities allow you to bring in any caterer of your choice — Austin's of course!

Research and meet with the caterers

Do some research on catering companies and organise a time to meet with someone from their team. It's helpful to meet the people you will be working with as most people don't realise the catering company handles the majority of details involved with the event, from setting up the room, serving the food and beverage, maintaining timing on the evening and generally assisting you on the overall event.
In your meeting discuss details such as menus, beverage service, how you envision the room to be set up and the Coordinator will be able to give you ideas and recommendations based on their experience.

Choose Austin's!!

We had to slip in a cheeky reminder about us of course!

Confirm a caterer

Once you have confirmed your caterer you will again be required to pay a deposit and sign a contract. Be sure to read these details carefully and if you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to get in contact with your event designer.

Theming and decorative details

To give your event a theme, search for some decorative touches you'd like to incorporate. Once you have some rough ideas of what you are wanting, you will need to get in touch with the various suppliers. Think of aspects such as lighting, a dance floor, centrepieces and entertainment. If you simply click on the "People we trust" link on our website you will see a list of suppliers that we use regularly, who provide a great service and or product. Of course however, keep in mind that we are able to organise all of these details for you if you wish.

Confirm a floor plan and run sheet

Floor plans are important as they are able to be distributed out to your caterers, venue coordinator plus AV and lighting suppliers. This is handy as it gives everyone has an understanding of the general layout of your function. Your AV company are able to draw up a floor plan for you. It's worth getting this out to all parties incorporated, two weeks prior, with your confirmed run sheet.

Confirm final details

One week prior to the event you will need to confirm your final numbers with your caterer and it is also worth reconfirming the little details and bookings with your other suppliers, just to ensure all the information is correct. Details such as; a seating plan to your caterer and alerting your venue coordinator of pack in times are important to the overall running of a successful event.

The day is here!

Pack in will seem hectic but do not fret! Your suppliers are experts in their field and will do a great job. Make sure you have a single point of contact with each company involved with your event i.e. your caterer, AV team and centrepiece company just so you are able to touch base throughout the event. Lastly, have fun! Enjoy yourself and make sure you eat! If you are busy when the food service is occurring your caterer is able to keep something aside for you to have a little bit later.

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